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Benefits of Using Cleansing Milk for Skin


In this article, let’s dive deeper into what cleansing milk for skin is, its benefits, its difference to facial washes, and where to find the best cleansers.

To anyone who pays attention to skincare, it’s a matter-of-fact that every person’s skin is different – that is why your skincare routine products should be tailored just for you!

From the standard facial wash to upmarket serums, you’re probably already familiar with the different types of cleanser available out there in the market and their different active ingredients.

Cleansing milk, on the other hand, has seen a surge in popularity in Malaysia! While it might sound odd to the people who are unfamiliar (milk is mostly for drinking after all!), cleansing milk for face or skin is in fact an amazing option that you should consider adding to your skincare routine!

In this article, we take a deeper look into understanding what cleansing milk is, its benefits, how it differs to other facial cleansers and where to find one of the best cleansing milks out there in Malaysia!

What exactly is cleansing milk and why is everyone talking about it?

If you’re picturing the gentle nature of milk and its nourishing properties, you’re on the right track! Well, sort-of. That’s because cleansing milk isn’t actually made of milk!

At its very basic, cleansing milk has a much gentler approach to cleaning your skin. It is an extra-gentle face wash that has a silky and luxurious texture (that’s very much like creamy milk). They are known to be super effective as well in removing day-to-day grime and dirt or even make-up!

Today, cleansing milks come together with a wide variety of ingredients that are super skin boosters. This includes the likes of rosemary, vitamin C, aloe vera, coconut oil and more!

Hence, when compared to typical facial cleansers that are high in synthetic ingredients, cleansing milks are light and gentle on the skin, and are mostly composed of an emulsion of fats and water to achieve their silky smooth texture.

What are the differences between ordinary facial cleansers and cleansing milk?

The first and most significant difference between cleansing milk and facial cleansers is the harshness of each cleanser towards your skin. True to its name, cleansing milk with its emollient texture has a light, and cloud-like effect when used to clean your face.

On the contrary, other facial cleansers may be harsher on the skin. While it is great at removing dirt and grime, it often removes the natural skin barrier that protects your skin, leaving it dry and feeling tight after washing.

Next, most face cleansers need the addition of water to activate the lathering and scrubbing effect.

Due to its unique combination of oil and water already, cleansing milk doesn’t require water to be activated. The lather that is formed by cleansing milk is due to the presence of fats already in its formula. That’s why water is only needed to remove the remnants of the cleansing milk after use.

All in all, let’s compare the different benefits of cleansing milk against facial cleanser:

  • Benefits of Cleansing Milk

○     Using mostly natural ingredients, cleansing milks are much gentler and kinder to the skin

○     Cleansing milks does not cause skin sensitivity as it doesn’t strip skin of its natural oils

○     Cleansing milks give a hydrating effect and doesn’t leave the skin feeling taut, dry, and uncomfortable

  • Benefits of Normal Face Cleansers

○     Face cleansers are quick and easy to use when compared to cleansing milks

○     Face cleansers are much more effective in cleaning heavy dirt and grime

○     Face cleansers are generally more affordable and easier to find

Which type of facial cleanser is right for my skin?

Generally, cleansing milks for face or skin are better for those with sensitive or dry skin.  This is due to their gentler nature and how they delicately clean dirt and grime while protecting the layer of natural oils on your skin!

In fact, ask anyone with dry skin and they’ll know that most face cleansers will make their skin drier. Hence, if anyone with dry skin should avoid common facial cleansers and opt for cleansing milks as their skin needs to be protected with a healthy layer of oil – and not make it drier than before!

A similar story can be said for those with sensitive skin. Everyday facial cleansers are often too harsh on sensitive skin as it eliminates healthy oils on its surface. For those with sensitive skin, it will result in the skin overcompensating for it by over-producing oils, creating a cycle of extreme dryness and extreme oiliness.

Why choose Dr. Goh’s Soothing Cleansing Milk? 

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Absolutely no harmful ingredients such as:

○     No artificial colouring

○     No formaldehyde

○     No SD alcohol

○     No mineral oil

○     No fragrances

○     No parabens

○     No comodogenic ingredients

○     No carcinogenic ingredients

Dr Goh’s Soothing Milk Cleanser

  • Made from botanical plant extractions and organic ingredients, including:

○     Mallow extract for a soothing and softening effect

○     Lavendar oil to balance the skin’s moisture barrier

○     Geranium oil to help regenerate new skin cells

○     Helianthus seed oil to protect the collagen and elastin in the skin

○     Matricaria chamomile extract as a natural treatment for itchiness from skin & eczema

Dr Goh’s skincare products are known in Malaysia to be suitable for anyone from normal skin to sensitive skin! As the first leading medical skincare in Malaysia to combine the power of Chinese Medicine with the goodness of Western beauty ingredients, Dr. Jenny Goh (Ph.D)’s skincare is perfect for hypersensitive skin, inflamed acne skin, hormonal acne skin and ageing skin conditions. Give it a try at

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