Acne & Breakout


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AcneCare Gel

RM 178.00
50ml Bottle Dr. Goh Acnecare Gel contains a formula of 13 herbs and plants extracts and propolis extract, which helps to calm acne skin while reducing…

Clarifying Cleanser

RM 113.00
200ml Bottle A purifying clay based cleanser that effectively helps eliminates impurities and absorbs excess oil. Enriched with botanical plant extracts to provide relief to the…

Essential Kit

RM 328.00
Mini size Soothing Milk Cleanser 50ML, Recovery Mist 30ML and Recovery Cream 50ML all in one pack for your travelling convenience.…

Exfoliating Cream

RM 149.00
80ml Bottle Enriched with 2% BHA, these cream micros-exfoliate dull surface cells that clog and suffocate the skin. Deep cleansing and smothering skin. Fragrance free.…

Peptide Cream Mask

RM 199.00
60g Bottle An intensive cream mask with the highest concentration active ingredient of 30ppm Peptide. The effectiveness of PEPTIDE helps to soothe skin redness, repair and…

Recovery Cream

RM 199.00
50ml Bottle A rich and non-greasy 3 days promise Recovery Cream containing 100% natural plants extract promotes immediate nourishing formula leaving skin irritation free. It helps…

Recovery Mask (7 pieces in a box)

RM 268.00
The effective patented ingredients of plant extracts instantly calm and soothes the skin, reviving dullness and diminishing irritation conditions. Each mask also comes with a…

Recovery Mist

RM 228.00
120ml Bottle Infused with natural plant extracts that rapidly penetrates deep within skins surface, keeping face hydrated and can be used to set makeup. Fragrance free.…

Rosa Cleansing Solution

RM 199.00
150ml Bottle An ultra-light water-soluble emollient cleansing oil developed especially for delicate skin. This unique formulation gently cleanses, and removes make-up and impurities while it perfects…

Sea Salt Body Scrub

RM 99.00
250g Bottle. Sea salt body scrub product enriched with mineral-rich sea salt, sea mud and active botanical plant extracts. This unique formulation combined with soothing aromatic…

UV Defense SPF 35

RM 178.00
50ml Dr. Goh UV Defense SPF 35 have been formulated while taking into consideration the hot and humid weather of South East Asia.A broad-spectrum sunscreen with…