Your Story

01-Grade 2 Acne Vulgaris

I suffered from Cosmetica Acne for 2 years due to wrong skin care products usage. Nothing I used helped until I found ‘Dr. Goh’ recovery mask and cream. After undergoing facial treatment with acne extraction by Dr. Jenny Goh herself, I continuously use the products 30 days and day by day, can see big improvements and healed.

I’ve gain my self-confidence back and can be very certain to say that this product works! Both with Dr. Jenny’s advice and expertise, along with the products by ‘Dr. Goh’, good skin health can be achieved. 

03-Skin Tag

Surprisingly my skin tag on my face significantly smaller after 1 use of DR.GOH RECOVERY MASK. It was amazing!! Never expect that to be happen as I was using the mask to reduce my skin sensitivity condition.

04 Grade 3 Acne Vulgaris

My Skin has always been sensitive and would always have acne breakouts and pimples that doesn’t heal. Surprise that my skin healed and the inflammation subsided just after one used of Dr. Goh Recovery Cream.

05 Rashes on Leg

I had some rashes and itchiness on my leg and applied Dr. Goh Recovery Cream on it. After only an hour I could see that the redness was gone and the itching stopped.

06 Cosmectical Acne (Grade 2 Acne Vulgaris)

I have sensitive acne skin, always had problems with it. After I started using Dr. Goh full range products, my skin became so much better than I can ever remembered.

07 Cosmectical Acne (Grade 2 Acne Vulgaris)

After facial treatment, my skin is free from breakouts and have clearer complexions.

08 Grade 2 Acne Vulgaris

I was suffering from severe acne condition. After 2 treatments at DOUX VISAGE® using DR. GOH skin care regime, it was evidently my skin condition improve and free from acne.

09 Cosmectical Acne Vulgaris

I used Dr. Goh Recovery Mask after facial extraction (professionally), middle picture was after using the mask, and third picture was one hour after applying Dr. Goh Recovery Cream.

10 Cosmectical Acne Vulgaris

An obvious comparison of blackheads and pus from 3 months ago, prolong usage of Dr. Goh products will continuously help reduce skin inflammation and irritation.

11 Lifting and Brightening (Anti- Ageing)

Skin Brighter with clearer completion after using DR. GOH RECOVERY MASK after Face Toning Treatment.